NWA TechFest is a technology conference “for geeks, by geeks” held each spring in Northwest Arkansas. Our audience ranges from interested neophytes to seasoned STEM professionals. This year’s event will take place at the Jones Center, and for the first time, will offer additional content across two days covering the themes of Enrichment (April 23rd) and Empowerment (April 24th).

Day one will enrich those currently working in our technology community with insightful presentations on a variety of technical and communication-oriented topics. Sessions will be 50min. Example topics include:

  • Technology in Industry (Food Science, Logistics / Retail, Startups, etc.)
  • Open Source Technology (What / Where / Why)
  • DevOps / Web Development / Data Science
  • Career Skills / Stories

Day two will empower students and attendees with knowledge of their local community, including how to further educational, employment, and charitable opportunities in NWA. The focus will be on what it’s like to work in STEM careers and hands-on activities. Sessions will be 30min and should be designed to include students. References to additional post-presentation content and/or learning opportunities would beneficial. Example topics include:

  • Technology in Industry (Aspirational/Game Developer)
  • Technology Labs (Interactive Classes/Exhibitions)
  • Opportunities (Local Work / Remote Work / Open Source / Education

Speakers may submit multiple presentations.

NWA Techfest 2020’s speaker list is expected in March 2020.

Previous Speakers: