“A.I. and The Future of NWA”

Developer Conference

Tuesday, May 16, 2023

The conference for 2023 has completed with great success! Thank you to our community and sponsors!

A.I. and the future of northwest arkansas

^ That’s the theme of the NWA TechFest – Spring 2023 conference.

Should you be scared of artificial intelligence? Yes.

Do we have some time until you need to be actively scared of it? Also, yes.

Use that extra time wisely! Come to our one-day conference on May 16th at the Jones Center in Springdale!


$5 per ticket. Come join us!


Find employees! Promote your brand!

Grow the Community

Are you a part of another non-profit and want a table? We may have room!

What can you expect?

Content. Good content. Good solid content.

The conference day will consist of a series of presentations and workshops on various topics. These topics will heavily focus towards exploring the what, how, and why of “A.I.” as of 2023 as well as what, how, and why it could affect the future of software developers in Northwest Arkansas. Between these learning “sessions” you will be given time to move around between the different rooms the conference will take place in. Between these rooms will be some tables showcasing local companies and organizations from which you may be able to procure employment or a nice chat.

There are bathrooms at the Jones Center, I assure you.

During the day you’ll be given some basic food stuffs to keep you conscious; these will probably consist of some fruit for breakfast and pizza for lunch. You will be encouraged to go down the street and find some better food in downtown Springdale as they have cider and tacos and we will very likely have neither.

Why are we throwing this event?

The volunteers at NWA TechFest hope that this year’s conference will act as a jumping-off point for both our organization and the community at large in efforts to network with and empower one another following the lull brought on by the COVID epidemic. We have been ready and waiting to get people out and about to see each other again. We began slowly with our Meetup series, but are restarting our year-to-year conference with this event. Come join us!

Why a conference not just more monthly events?

While we love our monthly series, we felt that it was important to provide an opportunity for people in the community to have a whole day that they could take to learn more about tech and others in their community. It was not just because we wanted a nice day off in May that would end in close proximity to a nice drink.

Check out the May 16th schedule below!

Schedule for NWATechFest


We are focusing on connecting students with STEM professionals, so they can learn more about STEM careers from experts in the field. Before the conference, check out this resource of STEM careers and apprenticeships in NWA!

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