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The NWA TechFest “Social Meetup” series began in April 2022 as a way to get local technical talent out of their houses and talking to one another following a drought of social events during the 2020-2022 COVID period.

The premise for this event series is simple:
We offer to buy tech people some beer and the social ones decide to come out and talk to each other.

The event has grown from a handful of people gathered at various bars and breweries through NWA into an ongoing speaker series with a consistent audience of 50+ people signed up to attend. While we initially changed brewery locations every month or so, we have since late 2022 settled into a productive partnership with GOAT LAB Brewery in Lowell, AR for our event space (and beer) needs.

Since January 2023 we have begun to invite speakers up to give small presentations during the early portion of the meetup.


Do you to grow your impact on the local developer community? Do you want some presence at this specific event series? Do you want a write-off on your taxes?

Our volunteer-led non-profit organization would love to have your involvement in growing our community.

Sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to have educational or vocational opportunities for attendees in addition to any services or products that they may otherwise advertise.

Any sponsorship level will receive a receipt/paperwork consistent with our 501(c)(3) requirements.

Current Sponsor

Give Camp NWA Logo



GiveCamp NWA

A NWA-native non-profit organization whose goal is to bring tech talent to bear in helping other non-profits in the area.

Sponsorship Form

The conference reserves the right to reject and refund any sponsors that we feel would negatively reflect on the event series or the community of NWA at large.

Sponsors who need additional documentation please email us at for any follow-up.

Social Event Sponsorship

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