Conference 2023 Sponsorship

The NWA TechFest conference was started in 2010 and is now back from a COVID-related hiatus!


Do you want some presence at the conference? Do you want a write-off on your taxes?

Our volunteer-led non-profit organization is a little too late in organizing ourselves this year to promise nice swag with your logo on it, but we’d love to have any interested parties sponsor a booth at the conference or create an ongoing relationship with the community by sponsoring our ongoing social meetup event series. 

* Booth arrangements will be confirmed via email before the conference.

* Sponsors are encouraged, but not required, to have educational or vocational opportunities for attendees in addition to any services or products that they may offer.

* Any sponsorship level will receive a receipt/paperwork consistent with our 501(c)(3) requirements.

Sponsorship Form

The conference reserves the right to reject and refund any sponsors that we feel would negatively reflect on the conference or the community of NWA at large.

Sponsors who wish to be invoiced can email us at for any follow-up.

Conference 2023 Sponsorship

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